About us

We Guard Your Business Development

One Point is an HR Outsourcing company, which was founded in March 2019. The team includes leading Georgian HR professionals and consultants who have extensive experience in implementing best HR practices in companies in various fields.

The main advantages of One Point are a strong team and the best HR practices:

✔ Leading experts of HR and strategic management in Georgia are involved in HR Consulting projects.

✔ Using HR administration outsourcing service, companies have the opportunity to take advantage of unique software and thus make their administration and reporting processes more flexible and procedural. 

✔ We have constantly updated and perfect databases in Banking, Construction, IT, HR, FMCG, Hospitality, Finance, Manufacturing, Advertising Business, Communications and other fields. Which is the best opportunity to quickly and successfully find professionals for your top management and critical positions.

We Guard Your Business Development through delivering the best HR practices to your organizations.




Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, 3 Ana Politkovskaia St.

Phone: +995 577 753 332